"We wanted to create a place where every aspect of life can flourish. A luxurious Jerusalem home that induces tranquility and warmth. A place where families and children feel that they belong to a supporting and embracing community."

The most luxurious residential experience of a neighborhood in all its glory

-Architect Prof. David Guggenheim-

01 | Arnona Hills - Jerusalem in all its glory

Geshem’s new neighborhood that is now under construction on a ridge of the Arnona slopes, at one of Jerusalem’s highest points, is surrounded by breathtaking nature. The Arnona Hills residential project has an attractive location near the United States Embassy, overlooking the green vistas of Kibbutz Ramat Rachel and the Ramat Rachel Country Club. The neighborhood is built around an expansive combined park and spectacular archeological park.

Come learn about the perfect living environment for a quality population that seeks a high standard of living. Here you will find a full and interesting life for the family and community alongside nature in all its power.

The open spaces offer a place to experience the landscape

-Architect Prof. David Guggenheim-

02 | Jerusalem’s newest neighborhood

Arnona Hills is a residential gem the likes of which Jerusalem has never seen. It is part of a new neighborhood of 1,800 housing units, educational institutions (kindergartens and schools), commercial centers, developed community services, a youth club, sports fields, spiritual centers, and synagogues. The neighborhood includes perfect environmental development: bicycle paths, sitting corners, plazas, playgrounds, sport and fitness facilities, shaded streets dunked in greenery, gardens, and delightful magical corners.

03 | A dream location

One of the noteworthy advantages of Arnona Hills is its attractive location, which offers fast direct access to Hebron Road and a few minutes’ drive to Jerusalem’s old neighborhoods: Arnona, Baqa, and Talpiot; the city center and business areas in Talpiot, Har Hotzvim, and Givat Shaul. You have an entire convenient and accessible public transportation network available, which will soon be strengthened by the new light rail line (the Blue Line) along Hebron Road.

The breathtaking vista is my inspiration for the project’s planning

-Architect Prof. David Guggenheim-

04 | The project’s sites

The prestigious Arnona Hills project includes two luxury residential sites, which were designed by a dream team of Jerusalem’s top-rated architects: Guggenheim and Mintz Architects and Town Planners and Yigal Levy Architects.

The buildings are integrated into the designed terraced topography

-Architect Prof. David Guggenheim-

05 | The Park site

The residential site designed by the architects David Guggenheim and Daniel Mintz include eight residential nine-floor buildings, some of which have commercial ground floors.

Some of the buildings face the neighborhood park and others face the desert vista. Each building has 20-23 housing units of the highest construction standard: five-room garden apartments with large gardens, five-room mini-penthouses with huge balconies, five-room penthouses with attached spacious rooftops, and a pair of penthouses spread over the entire floor. Each apartment has private parking in the underground garage.

חווית המגורים היוקרתית של השכונה במלוא הדרה

-אדריכל עודד רוזנקיאר-

06 | מתחם הטרסה

בניצוחו של משרד SO Architecture ברשות האדריכלים שחר לולב ועודד רוזנקיאר, כולל 13 מבנים מדורגים בני 8-9 קומות (משולבים במסחר בקומת הכניסה). בכל בניין 15-29 יח״ד, הניצבים בחצי גורן ובהעמדה אופטימאלית לעבר נוף הפארק. במתחם מגוון דירות בסטנדרט בנייה גבוה ביותר: דירות גן 5 חדרים עם גינות גדולות ופנטהאוזים מפוארים המשתרעים על פני קומה שלמה. לכל הדירות חניה פרטית בחניון תת-קרקעי.

06 | Plans

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